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I have figured out how to extend the number of pictures to 68 and put them in a <div> so they all show and scroll correctly. The problem is that when clicked on the screen tries to go to the vertical center of the div and show the blown up picture there, which is VERY inconvenient!! Can the "center" be made relative to the viewing screen instead of the vertical center of the div or flash movie?

Re: More pictures than fit on a single page

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Very similar problem here - let me clarify for the 65 photos I am trying to display in an iframe:

iframe code:

<iframe src="./img/gallery/index.html" 
width="600" height="400" scrolling="auto" align="top"></iframe>

index.html style code:

    html {
        height: 100%;
    #flashcontent {
        height: 100%;

var fo definition:

var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "580", "2300", "8", "000000" );

relevant gallery.xml code:

<gallery cellDimension="672" columns="4" zoomOutPerc="20" zoomInPerc="100" frameWidth="20"
 frameColor="0xFFFFFF" captionColor="0xFFFFFF" enableRightClickOpen="true">

Now as you can see all is well with scrolling (vertical scroll bar only in the iframe) and all photos can be scrolled and viewed without a hitch (even the postcard viewer link at the bottom can be seen) however, the problem is when you click on a photo (1st at the top left) it "disappears" from view because the flash object centers the zoomed photo at the 1150px vertical point. How can the clicked on photo be displayed relatively within the iframe coordinates? it is not very useful to be able to see all of the zoomed out photos, but not see the correct zoomed in photo or no photo when clicking on one.

Re: More pictures than fit on a single page

Please post the URL to your gallery so that I can see in action what you are describing and the full code of your pages.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team