Topic: Flickr/Picassa on my website

I have a few 1/2 articles saying things, but can't find a definite, as well as figured would ask in the same thread!

I have 110 or so albums in picassa but my home site is currently in 'gallery'.  I have a development setup thanks to the forum with simpleviewer and a test album which looks good.  Now this is what I want, so

1. is this possible.  I would like to make a master page 2010 and stick all the 2010 albums there, a 2009, etc.  That 2010 page I would like to just goto picasa or flickr, pull the list of those albums with a thumnail, or just a text hyperlink worse case.  When clicked, will take you into that album.

2. if yes, which can (or both).  I don't care about the $5 to google as the pics are nice and off site backed up.  But I do have them all local, and not sure.  If #1 can't be done by year or something, what about just a albums page with all them with the ability to drop into any with a click.

I haven't seen any live examples, etc. but really wanna get this site moving along for the wife and kids, and this is the hurdle.  How to take > 100 albums and make it neat, which is why the option 1 would be great as I won't have to copy all the images to the webserver, etc. so an api or lookup would be great.


Re: Flickr/Picassa on my website

SimpleViewer does not currently integrate with Picasa's online albums.

There are a few ways to manage multiple galleries with SimpleViewer.

1) Create you galleries locally with the Picasa template.

2) Use svManager to manage your galleries on your webserver.

3) Upload your images to Flickr and use Flickr sets or tags to seperate out your galleries.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.