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In a related feature request, it would be great if the clone feature would also transfer ALL the customized settings from one gallery to the next, regardless if those settings were specified in svmanager or elsewhere. At least I can then set up my galleries exactly as I want them with svBuilder and can use svManager to clone them and manage their contents.

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Oh, BTW, in my galleries, I am customizing thumbnail size, navigation overlays, button bar, back button, autoplay, title display (turned off, in my case). I could care less about Flickr, audio, and watermark, but may opt to use these in the future.

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I split this topic off from the one about customizing Pro options in svManager.

Which of the customized settings are not being transferred when you clone a gallery?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I'm experiencing this issue as well. I've followed your support instructions to build my master gallery in svBuilder Pro then import to svManager to clone, but it doesn't pull over most of the formatting I've set, including, but not limited to:

  • caption placement and styling

  • navigation style

  • download button color and size

  • "show thumbnail visited" setting

Also, the master template I've created does NOT have the "Simpleviewer" branding but the cloned galleries do.

Also, I change the Title of gallery in svManager and sometimes it doesn't change when you view it.

I've read your support documentation in full trying to fix all these issues, to no avail.

My agency planned on using this software for our creative presentations, so naturally I'm disappointed and can't let anyone use it until these errors are fixed.

Please let us all know (directly via email would be best) when this issue has been fixed and let me know what you can do in the mean-time to patch this major error for me specifically.

Many thanks.

Jon Reese
Creative Director, VLG and

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the master template I've created does NOT have the "Simpleviewer" branding but the cloned galleries do

I think this might be the clue.

Have you upgraded svManager to handle Pro galleries? Please see Using svManager with a Pro viewer in the support page.

The clone feature works by first creating a new gallery and then copying the settings across. If the new gallery is a standard gallery then the settings should still be copied across but the standard gallery will not be able to show them. You should be able to see your settings in the svManager Pro screen.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Thanks for your quick response! That eases some stress.

I checked version history and I it appears I am using the newest version of both programs:

  • svManager version 1.7.5, build 110110

  • simpleViewer Pro 2.1.2 (+ svBuilder Pro 2.1.2)

I bought them both at the same time less than 2 weeks ago (Jan 27th). Feel free to log in to my account to see what I'm seeing. Email me and I'll reply with the password, if you don't have it. Let's get this figured out. Thanks...

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You mention "svManager Pro", which I've never seen... it's not listed on your website ( or in the svManager version history. Am I missing something?

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There is no svManager Pro. SvManager comes with a copy of the standard version of SimpleViewer already installed. Every time you create a new gallery this master version of SimpleViewer is copied into the gallery folder.

You already have the latest svManager and you have purchased a copy of SimpleViewer Pro, so all you need to do is to copy the pro simpleviewer.swf file into the right place inside svManager, replacing the standard swf file – see step 4 below.

Here is the relevant extract from the svManager support page:

Upgrading to a Pro Viewer

  1. Upgrade svManager to the latest version to ensure that you have support for the latest Pro viewer.

  2. Purchase AutoViewer Pro, PostcardViewer Pro, SimpleViewer Pro or TiltViewer Pro

  3. Download and unzip the Pro files to your computer

  4. To ensure that new galleries are created with the Pro version, upload the swf file from the Pro download to the appropriate folder on your web server:

To upgrade your existing galleries, follow the instructions on the support page for your viewer.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.