Topic: Help! (please!!)

I'm not very html savvy, but I've used simpleviewer in the past and didn't have any problems. However... now I'm buiding the gallery through the photoshop script and am using Adobe Pagemill to build my site. (I know it's old, but it's the one I know) I can't figure out how to get everything to upload. When I copy and paste the code all I get are little "?" or "x" where the images should be. What am I doing wrong?  This wasn't so hard three years ago! ha ha

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help! (please!!)

The X means that the swf can not find the path to the images, check that the image paths are correct in your gallery.xml.  If you uploaded the gallery post the URL and we will take a look.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.