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Topic: flickr safety filter, support for medium rating

I remember a post from last year saying that the upcoming release of SimpleViewer v2 would have newly added support for flickr images with a safety filter other that safe.

I have a flickr account with images rated by flickr as "medium".  There is no nudity but is skimpy and implied nudity, and I receive "can't find flickr images" by simpleviewer.

Was this support added?  I don't see any config settings for the flickr options.  If after all these months support still isn't present I will have to consider abandoning simple viewer for a custom js solution as I've been waiting patiently for nearly a year.

(btw, using and interested in free/basic version)



Re: flickr safety filter, support for medium rating

As far as I know non-Flickr galleries that load Flickr images will always only show safe images. This is because Flickr requires a user login to display non-safe images.

To display your images in SimpleViewer you could A) switch their safety level in Flickr or B) download the images locally and build an XML gallery.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.