Topic: auto update gallery as new pics deposited

Has anyone solved this challenge I have:
1) My site has mulitiple galleries -the photos for each gallery are in gallery specific folders.
2) I'd like a program to monitor the folders - and when a new photo is added, to update the gallery displayed on the website.
That's it in a nutshell - the extra details are:
I do have some programmers I will pay - I dont think they know how to solve the above...
Whats also needed is - for the programmers to wrap onto the UI of the gallery
3) Photo data - ratings by votes so far and a voting button for the viewer to vote on the pic.
I'm (obviously!) not a programmer - and it is intereting to me that most gallery programs seem to need humans to click "update photos and create new gallery" - which is what I want my site to do automatically as new photos are added to each gallery.
Any ideas are really welcome and appreciated!  I love to use autoviewer and simpleviewer for my photo site!

Re: auto update gallery as new pics deposited

You could either modify the buildgallery.php script by adding code to look for new files or you could just use svManager to manage your galleries. Beyond those you would have to create your own solution.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: auto update gallery as new pics deposited

Thanks! Awesome, I'll get that to my programmers. :)