Topic: Tired Newby: Embeding Issue :(

I am using SVManager to create my directories.  Then I am embedding (or want to) these into pages throughout the site.  I'm using Dreamweaver CS5 and inserting the swf file and made the changes to point to the external directory.  But, I must be having a REALLY bad week not to get this working.  I know the swf file is working, and I really thought I had put the correct location for the path.

Can someone help this tired newbie?

Re: Tired Newby: Embeding Issue :(

I found my problem.  It seems that I had nested my test folder inside itself  :rolleyes:   don't know how that happened.  And then I went ahead and placed the gallery index file that i created inside the actully gallery folder.  It finally dawned on me after banging my head against the wall.  :/   It works now!  Now I will be rethinking how I want to link to it, but that's no biggie.