Topic: SVManager in the root of the domain - Folder permission problem.

Dear Community,

1. We have installed the SVManager in one of our domain in the root folder like

2. When the gallery created, it should appear as,
... etc.,

3. When tried SVManager under a sub-folder it works perfect.

4. But when tried by moving to root of the domain, we receive the error file or folder permission error

Error unable to create directory g1 (gallery.php, line 1060)

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5. We need advice on how to set the folder or file permission so that when a gallery is created the gallery folder is created dynamically without error as below. And also it should not be a threat to domain.
... etc.,

Thanks & looking for experts advice.



Re: SVManager in the root of the domain - Folder permission problem.

I would not recommend installing svManager in the root folder. Here's another way to do it:

  1. Install svManager in a subfolder and check that everything is working ok.

  2. Create a gallery with the default path /svmanager/g1

  3. Move the gallery in the customize screen to /g1/ There is more information on this in the user manual. SvManager will need permission to write to the web root.

If the person who creates new galleries is happy with this then maybe that's all you need to do but you can take it a step further and automate the process. Get the manual process described above working first. Edit the file svmanager/includes/constants.php and find this line of code:

define('GALLERY_PREFIX', 'g');

Change this to the relative path to your root folder:

define('GALLERY_PREFIX', '../g');

New galleries will now be created in the root.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.