Topic: Flickr thumbnails not showing up

my gallery at

so i have about 50 galleries from flickr, and i noticed the thumbnail doesnt show up, i have to manually add the 1 image from svmanager to show up as the thumbnail, this wouldnt really be an issue, but now i have to do this process 50x times, and thats time consuming.

is there a quicker way? i want it to just show the first photo in the gallery as the thumbnail...

time is a priority on this mission, thank you

Re: Flickr thumbnails not showing up

You need to upload one photo for each gallery in svManager. SvManager will create a thumbnail from each image, store it in the thumbs folder of the gallery on your server and put a copy in the thumbcache folder. The thumbnail should then appear automatically in the galleries index page. I don't know of any way that's quicker. You would just need to upload 50 images in svManager.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.