Topic: Haven't upgraded in many versions

Hey there!

So I haven't upgraded my SV manager or simple viewer in like, at least 2-3 years. I am on SV Manager version 1.1, and I don't really know what version of Simple Viewer it's using to make the galleries, though I have an example of one of the galleries  here.

I attempted on my own to update one of the galleries using the directions on the site, but I think it might be too far back because when I uploaded the changed file everything was all screwed up --gallery wouldn't show, colors were wrong, it was bad.

So yeah, can anyone help me figure out what I need to change to update to the newest versions? I already downloaded everything, I'm just not sure what to do.

Re: Haven't upgraded in many versions

Your galleries are SimpleViewer version 1.8.5.

Let's take this in easy stages. It's probably best to upgrade svManager first and then decide if you want to upgrade SimpleViewer to the latest version 2.

Whatever you do, backup your whole svmanager folder with all your galleries inside before you do anything.

You can just upgrade svManager by following the instructions in the user manual and everything will probably be ok – you have a backup right?

However, you have a live site here and you are upgrading from an old version of svManager so I'd recommend a more cautious approach as follows:
1. Create a new folder on your server to contain the latest release of svManager. Doesn't matter much what you call it – say
2. Unzip the latest install of svmanager. Open the svmanager folder and upload all the contents of this folder to your new svmanager2 on the server.
3. Copy all of your galleries from the live svmanager folder into svmanager2. Copy them don't move them!
4. Browse to the new svmanager2 installation, log in, set a password and import just one of your galleries.

If you get problems at this stage come back to the forum and tell us where to find your new installation.

If everything is looking good.
5. In the svManager galleries screen, unlist the gallery that you just imported. This is because we'll be changing the name of the svmanager2 folder so we need to unlist all the galleries first.
6. Log out of svManager
7. Change the name of your old svmanager folder to (say) svmanagerbak
8. Change the name of your new svmanager folder from svmanager2 to svmanager
9. Browse to the new version of svManager, log in and import all your galleries
That should be it!

Very impressive work on your site, I remember it from when you posted in the forum some time ago.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.