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I'm trying to implement the mobile view, and it seems to work great, but had a couple issues.  To set this up, each gallery is in a 3rd depth folder as such:

where the svcore folder would be:

  • All of the images show up fine in the main gallery, but in full screen mode, I only get the waiting icon.

  • The other issue I'm having is that it's not picking up the mobile configuration options if they're set in the preset.xml file in 'dir1'.  I've tested it in the gallery.xml of each gallery and that doesn't seem to work either.  Are these supposed to be referenced somewhere else?


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Re: Mobile (Universal) Issues

Did a little more testing and have some more information about the problems.

  • I'm using absolute URLs in my gallery.xml file for the images and thumbs.  That seems to be the issue for the full mobile view.  Is there any way around this?

  • It looks like the mobile options (transition, caption, etc.) need to be defined in the gallery.xml file, not preset.

Re: Mobile (Universal) Issues


we have confirmed that the following is a bug in v2.1.0: "Absolute image URLs fail to load in fullscreen mobile player" This will be fixed in the next release coming next week.

PresetURL is not currently supported by the mobile Player.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Mobile (Universal) Issues

That's great to hear confirmed.  Thanks!