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sorry if my questions are trivial, but I'm new to simpleviewer & flickr - and didn't find my answers neither in the forum nor in the faq.

I'm using svbuilder to generate the gallery.xml, using a flickr gallery and the DATE TAKEN-ASC option which should sort the files...  But the final sorting gives something randomized...
-I've sorted the files in the flickr album ... it works : it is correctly sorted inside a flickr set
-Ive checked the "date" of the pictures in flickr, they are the true dates
-svbuilder doesn't add the flickrSort tag when building the gallery from scratch, I've had to add it manually, but no change

two things to be known, if it helps :
-my pictures are often taken a few seconds one from the other
-I'm using lightroom to upload the files to flickr, not reducing EXIF data (still visible in flickr)

here is the kindof gallery generated



any idea ?
thanks for your help. I've got 900 pictures of horseriding to shoot this week-end and to show (sell) to people, I would not want to have them being lost in my randomized gallery

Re: sorting files - flickr

svbuilder doesn't add the flickrSort tag when building the gallery from scratch

I just tested this here and the flickrSort option is created correctly. Are you using the latest svBuilder-Pro v2.1?

the final sorting gives something randomized

If you are loading images from a set, the images are always returned in the order they are in the Flickr set.

To change the image order for a Flickr set, check here: … #general_6

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: sorting files - flickr

I'm using v2.1 indeed

check what I get when I'm trying to sort files by "date-taken". The file names are numbered in shooting order.
129, 124, 138, 133, 123... not really sorted

for the moment my only escape to have the files sorted is to build a flickr album for each gallery, sort the files and call for the set in svbuilder. But with this solution I can't use the tags.

thanks for your help