Topic: Loosing iptc/caption text

I just bought svbuilder Pro 2.1; it looks beautiful.
But, when I browse or drag images in de gallery, they are represented there without de iptc/caption text.
The images stay in the original folder, with the caption text.
when I doubleclick on the pictures in the gallery, then they are duplicates in C:\Users\Leo\AppData\Local\Temp folder, without the caption text.
* How can I import images without loosing their iptc/caption text?
When placed the images in the gallery, there is the possibility of Images/Captions/Use File Name. But I want represent in the Album both the file name and the ipct/text. Is that possible?

thanks in advance

Re: Loosing iptc/caption text

If using svBuilder-Pro to build your galleries and allowing svBuilder-Pro to resize your images, the EXIF and IPTC information will be stripped.
You can, however, deselect the 'Resize Images' checkbox in the 'Images' section of svBuilder-Pro in order for svBuilder-Pro to copy the original images across into the gallery folder, rather than resize them (stripping out the information in the process).
It is not possible for svBuilder-Pro to extract IPTC information to be used as a caption.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Loosing iptc/caption text

thanks for ansering so quickly.
I have now deselected the 'Resize Images' checkbox in the 'Images' section and now indeed I see in the temp file the original images, with de IPTC caption text. But the text still doesn't appear in my album.
You wrote that it is not possible for svBuilder-Pro to extract IPTC information to be used as a caption. But I bought svBuilder because I saw in CS5 Simpleviewer that you could choose between custum text en caption. When I choose caption than I get the IPTC caption text.?
Leo van der Meer