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q1. with svmanager and simpleviewer pro, isn't it possible to edit a multiline caption ? edit box is small
q2. i am using lightroom but generally don't use caption. if i wanted to do that, which field should i use in LR to see it in svmanager caption ?
q3. how can i write the filename and the description on next line ?
q4. i have added a url but when i click on it it shows the image for download

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Re: caption and link

For a multiline caption, enter an html <br> tag (or an Xhtml <br /> tag if you prefer)

first line<br />second line

When you enter a Link url in the svManager images screen then it changes the link from the button at top right of the viewer.

You can enter your own links inside the caption if you like. First turn-off Auto caption links in the svManager customize screen then enter the link on the images screen as part of the caption:

<a href="">I'd rather be googling</a>

I don't know the answer to the Lightroom question. You might try that one in the SimpleViewer Pro forum or maybe somebody else can answer it here?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: caption and link

hallo jack,
thanks for answers.

I'd like to use caption in overlay top and button bar in overlay center bottom.
I have several questions.

q1. your autolink off to remove text underlining and <br /> for multiline work fine but i have typed 3 lines of 82 characters and third one doesn't appear (overlay top mode). I set width=200 and height=120 but not sure it works in overlay mode. using height=200 changes nothing. Do you know why ? is there a limit for number of characters ? Moreover I would prefer  caption computes automatically its size according to its content

q2.when there is only one line in caption and page number (always in overlay mode), the line is very tiny and lower part of "g"... are a little eaten. I would have thought at a 10px "padding" (or margin...) on top and bottom of caption text  to have a little space on each side. possible ?

q3. page number on right is not very beautiful. usually in slideshow we see something like :

<page number> <filename>
<caption line1>
<caption line N>

is it possible to create such "title/cation" syntax ?

q4. to fill height with thumbs, it would be nice to have an option to put next/prev arrows near the left and right sides (or across) of thumbs instead of your center position which takes lot of width. possible in a near future ?

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