Topic: some of settings don't appear on view

after i had posted a message about how to spare room in simpleviewer, i have found button bar overlay ( i used TTG simpleviewer so i think ttg uses standard one and didn't have this capability) but when i use it in svmanager and press upload all it doesn't work.
same for adding play button,...
other parameters like border,... work fine.
I had updated the simpleviewer by the pro file on my server.

in svbuilder it works.

moreover, in svmanager i don't find the way to remove "simpleviewer" text which doesn't appear in svbuilder.

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Re: some of settings don't appear on view

Looks like something didn't get upgraded properly. If the 'simpleviewer' link is showing at the bottom of the screen then it's looking like a standard viewer not a pro.

There are two parts to upgrading svManager to use a Pro viewer:
1. Replace the simpleviewer.swf master file in svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer2/sv2master/svcore/swf
2. Replace the simpleviewer.swf file in any gallery folders that were created before the upgrade


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.