Topic: can I use autoviewer in jimdo ?


I have a jimdo account and I'm looking for a galery.
Autoviewer seems great but I can't make it work on jimdo

Can someone help me ?

you can have a look at my website on (hosted by jimdo)

Re: can I use autoviewer in jimdo ?

As long as you can add HTML to your jimdo page (which, judging by posts in the jimdo forum, you can) then the easiest way would be to:
(1) create an AutoViewer gallery using one of these methods:
(2) upload the entire gallery folder somewhere
(3) use an <iframe> in your page with the 'src' attribute pointing to the 'index.html' file in the gallery folder, eg:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team