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Topic: Embed into Facebook's Static FBML App

I tried to embed TiltViewer Pro on my official Facebook's fan page (static FBML) but the gallery doesn't seem to load.
Its loading Facebook's crossdomain.xml
Is there a way to get this work in FB ?


Re: Embed into Facebook's Static FBML App

It looks like the path to your gallery's XML file is undefined.
The page includes the line:

swf_17037175766_fbswf_4d10f91d389712e63403646.addVariable(\"xmlURL\", \"\");

Ensure xmlURL is defined as either a relative or absolute path to the gallery's XML file.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Embed into Facebook's Static FBML App

Thanks a lot. The XML url was surrounded by quotes within the flashvars quotes which caused the error.