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Topic: Thumbnail - Scaling

Since the thumbnails do not scale, what is best approach to ensure my main image and thumbnails stay in proportion at all times?  I have 1 main image and 4 thumbnails going across the bottom of the main image in a single row.  I'd like the first thumbnail to always align left with the main image and I'd like the last (4th) thumbnail to always align right with the main image.

Do I need to turn scaling off for the main image?  If so, what property should I set it to?
Do I need to fix the positions of the main and thumbnail images?
Or, something else?

One other thing, I am using the iframe method to embed simpleviewer into a page. 
Here is the link:  www.paralignblinds.com/wordpress

Thanks in advance!

Re: Thumbnail - Scaling

You could try resizing your main images to have a width of 540px and then set:


Your thumbnails would always align with the left and right hand edges of your main images but if the browser window is not high enough, the main image would be cropped (the result of not having the main image resize dynamically which, in turn, is the result of always having the edges align).

An alternative would be to use a Fixed Layout (but only part of the gallery may be displayed in a small browser window): http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pr … html#fixed
Try altering the Fixed Layout settings and previewing the resulting gallery in svBuilder-Pro.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Thumbnail - Scaling

Thumbnails not scaling - is this a deliberate choice? Or is it simply hard to implement?
My thinking is that if a person scales the browser window, then both thumbnails and the main image should be scaled accordingly. This is not a huge issue at all, just something that would be nice to have - at least as an option.

Re: Thumbnail - Scaling

The thumbnails do not scale and will always be displayed at the dimensions specified via the thumbWidth and thumbHeight options. This is by design.
If you wish to post a feature request, please do so in this thread so that it is not overlooked.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team