Topic: flickrSetId variable in TiltViewer?

I want to use specific Flickr Sets in TiltViewer pro -- just like you can in simple viewer.. there is no 'flickrSetId' variable defended for tiltviewer

Any work-around for this?

Is there a similar var not mentioned in the documentation? I can't even find a way of randomizing on load.. :/ !!

All thoughts welcome.

Re: flickrSetId variable in TiltViewer?

Currently the only option you have for pulling select images is to give all of the images in those sets the same tag and use tag option. Randomizing images is not supported in TiltViewer. The other option you have is to write a script using JavaScript or a server side language to pull the flickr set, randomize it and feed it to TiltViewer as XML.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.