Topic: update and viewe not refreshed

sometimes i edit a gallery in svmanager (ie: change number of rows of thumbnails), click on update button in general tab and view menu and result is the same. Not sure it is a problem of cache because gallery progress bar seems to work.
do i need to make someting else to force new parameters to be taken into account ?


Re: update and viewe not refreshed

It looks like a cache issue.

Have you tried clearing the browser cache? Or just exiting the browser and starting it up again.

I used to be plagued by cache issues in my development work. So now I use a different browser for development. I use one browser for my general web browsing (Safari as it happens but it doesn't matter which) and Firefox for web development and I turn-off the cache permanently in Firefox.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: update and viewe not refreshed

you are right, even two days after, last updates were not applied in firefox. impossible to view any change (text color, columns of thumbs,...)
I have tried internet explorer and noticed the changes.
so, I have cleared all cookies, cache,... and miracle it works.

does it mean that everytime i run svmanager i must clear all things ? isn't a way for svmanager to force a refresh when we click on view button ?

few weeks ago modifications were live, no idea why now cache is making problems

best regards