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Topic: Can't delete a picture in this gallery

I added the last photo in this gallery but it's not visible on the sv pro image page when building the gallery nor in the online gallery here:

I can only see a placeholder for the photo but there's no response when I hit the "X" to delete it. How can I delete it?

Re: Can't delete a picture in this gallery

It is not visible because the imageURL and thumbURL both point to non-existant files.
eg, your imageURL is:

imageURL="images/img_9846 no fat.jpg"

... and there is no such file in the 'images/' folder. (You do, however, have a file named 'img_9846 no fat2.jpg'.)

You cannot delete the entry from the svBuilder-Pro interface because the image has been deleted from the gallery manually.
However, to remove the entry, you can open the gallery's XML file in a plain text editor and delete the image entry below before resaving the file:

<image imageURL="images/img_9846 no fat.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/img_9846 no fat.jpg" linkURL="images/img_9846 no fat.jpg" linkTarget="_blank">
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Can't delete a picture in this gallery

Will do thanks Steven!