Topic: Viewing number outside of the image


Is it possible (with the pro version?) to extract the sequence number and the caption to view them outside of the image, for example just below?

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Re: Viewing number outside of the image

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Does anyone know about this?  I am very curious myself seeing as I'd love to get rid of that number!

Re: Viewing number outside of the image

Removing the image number can be achieved by setting the Pro Option showImageNumbers to 'false'.
http://simpleviewer.net/autoviewer/supp … s.html#pro

However, relocating the image numbers and captions would require modification of the source files.

Please note that the AutoViewer-Pro source code is provided 'as-is' to allow people with ActionScript experience to modify as required. Airtight Interactive cannot provide support for all possible modifications to the source code and cannot provide tutorials on how to code ActionScript.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team