Topic: Flickr link. Can this be to another site or page?


I've just downloaded tiltview pro and am building my site  :)  Having viewed the demo i wondered rather than when you reverse an images getting a link to a flickr page, can I create a link button to another gallery of images on a tiltview page or just a regular gallery page of images. What I want to create is for example, when you click on a pic of say an orchid, you can then go to a page of various orchids using a link on the reverse. Too much info!!    Thanks for your time :D

Re: Flickr link. Can this be to another site or page?

If you store the image on your server and use a gallery.xml instead of flickr you can add custom links on the backside of the images instead of linking to the flickr image.
For example this would link to Google.

<photo imageurl="imgs/img.jpg" linkurl="" showFlipButton="false">
<title>My Image Title</title>
<description>My Image Description.</description></photo> … anual.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.