Topic: [FIXED] How to set a background .swf for preloader


I'm able to set a .swf file as background for the gallery by editing the backgroundImagePath parameters in gallery.xml.

How can I apply the same .swf file as background for the preloader ?

I can't set bgcolor to a .swf file in the html file.

<embed src="/galleries/1/viewer.swf" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="800" height="540" scale="show all" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" FlashVars="xmlDataPath=/galleries/1/gallery.xml"></embed>

The .swf I'm using is a simple grey to white gradient, so there's maybe another solution than using a .swf.

Thanks for your help

Re: [FIXED] How to set a background .swf for preloader

I've found the solution thanks to 's reply on thread … .php?t=257

Problem solved by adding wmode="transparent" to the flash object parameters and setting the gradient image as repeated background for the div containing the flash object.