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I am having a little problem embeding tiltviewer in to my project. I am using Django-cms so I have to hard code it into my content div. I did it like this:

<div id="Content">
{% placeholder "body" %}
<object width="890" height="575">
<embed src="/media/TiltViewer.swf", "viewer" width="890" height="575">

It works fine but it loads pictures from flicker and I don't want that ;) I would like to use a XML File. Is there a way that I can tell the .swf that it should use the xml I made? It is in the same dir i.e. "/media/gal.xml".

thanks for your help :)

Sadly I can't give you a link to my project since it is not live yet an just works on a local python server.

Re: embed in HTML

You need to use the standard TiltViewer embed code, it can be found here.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: embed in HTML

Ok did that:

<script type="text/javascript" defer="defer">
    var flashvars = {lang: "en-us"};
    var params = {menu: "false", wmode: "opaque"};
    var attributes = {
      id: "flash-plugin-swf-9",
      name: "flash-plugin-name-9"
    swfobject.embedSWF("/media/cms_page_media/12/TiltViewer_1.swf", "flash-plugin-9", "890", "575", "9.0.0", "/media/cms/swf/expressInstall.swf",flashvars, params, attributes);
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var fo = new SWFObject("/media/cms_page_media/12/TiltViewer_1.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "9.0.28", "#000000");            
        // To use local images defined in an XML document, use this block        
        fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "false");
        fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "/media/cms_page_media/12/gallery.xml");
        //GENERAL OPTIONS        
        fo.addVariable("useReloadButton", "false");
        fo.addVariable("columns", "3");
        fo.addVariable("rows", "3");
        fo.addVariable("showFlipButton", "true");
        //fo.addVariable("showLinkButton", "true");        
        //fo.addVariable("linkLabel", "View image info");
        //fo.addVariable("frameColor", "0xFF0000");
        //fo.addVariable("backColor", "0xDDDDDD");
        //fo.addVariable("bkgndInnerColor", "0xFF00FF");
        //fo.addVariable("bkgndOuterColor", "0x0000FF");                
        //fo.addVariable("langGoFull", "Go Fullscreen");
        //fo.addVariable("langExitFull", "Exit Fullscreen");
        //fo.addVariable("langAbout", "About");                

As I've said before I use django-cms. I can see the .swf but now it will not load any pictures. Using Firebug it does say that it loads the crossdomain.xml but it does not load one picture.


Never mind! Everything works perfect!!!

I had to add a div to my content div and bam it worked :)