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Sorry for my English is not the best
A year ago I bought SimpleVerwer -Pro cope with it somehow, and I made a good site with photo gallery.Now I bought TiltViver-Pro but I have some problems with it.
All changes made to the examples, I can not remove the frame pictures by changing the value from 40 to -5

//fo.addVariable("frameWidth", "40"); changing //fo.addVariable("frameWidth", "-5");

Can I add a BACK button graphic as in SimpleVerwer-Pro?
Can you add music, as in SimpleViewer-Pro?

Thanks for the tips


Re: I need some advice

You'll need to uncomment the line by removing the // from the beginning of the line.
The // marks the line as a comment and all lines starting with // are not parsed by the browser.

fo.addVariable("frameWidth", "-5");

TiltViewer-Pro does not support a Back Button out of the box but you could create an HTML header for the page and put the link in there.
Check out the SimpleViewer examples here: … #resizable
You could use the same principle but swap your TiltViewer gallery for the SimpleViewer one in the examples.

Otherwise, you could overlay the link on top of the gallery.
In the <head> section of your HTML page, add the following code:

<style type="text/css">
    #overlay {
      position: absolute;
      top: 20px;
      left: 20px;
      font-size: 20px;

Immediately after the opening <body> tag, add the following code:

<div id="overlay"><a href="../">Back...</a></div>

You'll also need to add the following line to your embedding code just before the 'fo.write' line:


TiltViewer-Pro does not provide an automated way to play an audio track but you could incorporate a Flash MP3 player such as Dewplayer (or try a web search for 'Flash MP3 Player' - there are many others) into the header or embed it into another overlaid <div>.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: I need some advice

I dont know why all the galleries i make for title, post and the other one doesnt work.   What is the problem Here ?     What is the problem Here ?     What is the problem here ?

Can you Please also explain me how can i make catagories on index gallery ?

Re: I need some advice

Your g6 gallery (TiltViewer) has the Max Image Size, px (maxJPGSize) option set too low.

Set this value to the largest dimension (width or height) of your largest image. TiltViewer uses this value to proportionately scale your images to fit.

The g7 gallery (PostcardViewer) has the Cell Size px (cellDimension) option set too low. … tions.html

The size of the square 'cell' that contains each image (pixels). Make this at least as big as your biggest image to avoid the images overlapping.

The fourth image in the g8 gallery (AutoViewer) is not displayed as it does not appear to be on your server.
I notice in the XML file that it is the only file whose filename contains spaces (escaped as %20).
Try using only alpha-numeric characters for filenames (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team