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Topic: Vertical Spacing of Thumbnails

Is there a way to configure the vertical spacing of thumbnails?

That is the vertical space between thumbnail rows.

I suspect I am missing something obvious.

Re: Vertical Spacing of Thumbnails

You could change both the horizontal and vertical spacing by using the cellDimension XML Option.

However, if you want to change the vertical spacing only, then you'd need to modify the source code and publish a new SWF file.
As an example to increase the vertical spacing between the rows of thumbnails, try the following.
In the file 'ViewArea.as', change line 61 from:

mGridHeight = imgDim*mXMLManager.rows;

... to:

mGridHeight = (imgDim+1000)*mXMLManager.rows;

... and change line 109 from:

return mXMLManager.cellDimension*Math.floor(index/mXMLManager.columns) + mXMLManager.cellDimension/2 - mGridHeight/2;

... to:

return (mXMLManager.cellDimension+1000)*Math.floor(index/mXMLManager.columns) + (mXMLManager.cellDimension+1000)/2 - mGridHeight/2;

Now publish a new SWF File and use this in your gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team