Topic: Use SimpleViewer without XML

Hi, I'm building a site for a client and he wishes to have SimpleViewer as an add-on for the CMS we run (Concrete5). The problem is, that the number and location of files will change as he adds more through the CMS' control panel. Normally I would generate the XML file on the fly and display it, but there is no central place to store the XML file and anything I can work out, seems hacky and unstable.

My question is, can you use SimpleViewer without an XML file? Is it possible to list the files you wish to use via Javascript or possibly even point it to a directory and have it work out the details from there? The documentation is kind of confusing on this issue.

Re: Use SimpleViewer without XML

You either need a XML file or a file that uses a server side script to generate the XML, you can find examples of a gallery.php on the forum. The other thing you could do is take a look at how the SimpleViewer Wordpress plug-in works. Customizations of this type are not expressly supported, but we will do our best to give you some pointers.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.