Topic: Slide Text Description

I'm using the latest WP 3.1 and the newest version of the SV plugin.  Everything works great but I can't seem to get my Media Library image captions to appear in any of my galleries.  The description appears at the bottom of the large image in a shaded area.

Can I have captions and is it possible to permanently have the Image Title default to always on by modifying any of the plugin scripts.

Thanks in advance

PS.  Should I upgrade to the Pro version?

Re: Slide Text Description

WP-SimpleViewer will display captions entered into the 'Caption' field of your image information.
Try this:
(1) Enter your Media Library
(2) Edit an image
(3) Enter some text into the 'Caption' field
(4) Click 'Update Media'
(5) Edit the post containing the gallery with the image
(6) Click 'Update'
(7) Clear your browser's cache to see the changes

Please note that captions can be entered as you upload them into the library (you do not need to add the captions retrospectively).

In order to have the Gallery Title displayed, select the 'Modern' or 'Classic' Gallery Style.

Upgrading to Pro will lift the 50-image limit, remove the SimpleViewer badge/link and will give you access to these options.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team