Topic: Thumbnails not being created!!!

i have used simpleviewer and it works great. some of my pictures just dosn't work... i have tried everything (i think?!?) but they just wont be created. when i run the buildgallery.php i get this response:

Creating XML and thumbnails for SimpleViewer.

Sorting images by date.
Sorting images in reverse order.

- Created Image Entry for: P101010010.jpg

and thats it...!!! it just doenst create the thumbs... what is wrong...??? the only thing i could se is the filesize of the pictures which is close to 1 mb... that is the only difference between those pictures and the other ones whitch i have used with success :S

i hope you can help me with this irritating problem...
thank you

Re: Thumbnails not being created!!!

does your server allows capitals in the jpg names?
does it allow image resizing?
Have you tried loading the thumbs manually?
I know you cleared your cache :)
Tried a test using SV right out of the box? ( no changes to anything)

That's alll I can think of



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