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I try to provide as much info as possible.
I have a Flash template, ActionScript Version: AS2, Opens With: Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4.
In this site there is headline with the name "Swf" and is designed so you can place your own Swf under it.
I want to place Autoviewer theren and this is what i did.

I placed all the files from autoviewer in the folder named "Swf". I then went to the Xlm folder and
opended the file swf.xlm. There i made it so the name matches (autoviewr.swf). I press preview
and all i see is a big white play button. No pics, nothing. I went to photoshop and made my own gallery with the script provided, moved the images files to my website folder "img", and the index file wich works good when
i preview it outside the website. When i place them all in the folders in the website and preview it as a whole,
its this big white button again. I tried in both IE and Firefox. Is Autoviewer As2??

I got desperat in tried lots of free swf:s wich is as2, and nothing launched correctly on the website.
I really want autoviewer, but i have no idea what im doing wrong.

Re: Can only see one button

Please see the support page 'Embedding AutoViewer in a Flash Movie': … flashembed

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Can only see one button

Thank you, i got it to work. Theres is one problem, autoviewer is a bit
to far down on the page. I just want to move it up, but i cant find which
code that does that, anyone knows?