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I have read and re-read the directions on embedding multiple galleries and simply cannot figure out how to make pages that look like my site but work like the example.  I have tried to make one here   
http://honeybearpreschoolandchildcarece … ooms.shtml   

and the galleries that are linked to it are exactly what I want them to look like, but when they open I lose the header so I cannot switch between galleries like the example.  I am sure it is a small tweak, but I cannot seem to get it.

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Re: multiple galleries on multiple HTML pages

The problem with the gallery whose link you posted is that the 'svcore' folder is not located in the right place.
It should be uploaded to here:

when they open I lose the header

Try the following:
Keep all your galleries in separate folders.
Upload all your galleries keeping them in their individual folders.
Make a template HTML file with your header, room for a gallery and links to all galleries and make as many copies of this file as you have galleries.
In each HTML file, embed a separate gallery using a baseURL: … l#external

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team