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I've been given this project to do and update what is there.  Unfortunately the person left no comments or contact email to ask him for help!

Been able to add in pictures to the autoviewer but read that adding more than 30 pics isn't a good thing...  Fortunately it was like that when I looked so too bad not gonna fix his mistake.

Problem is I have to add in more pictures!  Now was able to add them in but was informed that some users were unable to see.  Wanted to correct this problem by having the image section point to two other image sections and when I try to seperate them, the section 2 only shows the same pics in section 1...

IE:  IMAGELINK  SECTION --> New page Section 1
                                         --> New page Section 2

Problem is I can't open the autoviewer.swf to edit what's inside, but was able to edit the .XML pointing to the right pics.  The users couldn't see the added pics as it was just too many so they couldn't see them.  One quick fix was to clear their recent history, they didn't want to lose their precious passwords and such.  Was told to figure out how to do 2 sections instead.

What would be best way to solve this problem and leave it open if someone else needed to add other pictures?
Any help would be appreciated.  I can send link to image section but didn't want to post for all to see as some might be offended.

Thanks in advance

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If you want to embed two galleries on the same page, you can point to two different gallery XML files using the xmlURL option: … .html#html
Your embedding code might look lokethign like this:

<div id="flashcontent1">AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. <a href="">Get Flash here.</a> </div>    
<div id="flashcontent2">AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. <a href="">Get Flash here.</a> </div>    
<script type="text/javascript">
    var fo1 = new SWFObject("autoviewer.swf", "autoviewer1", "100%", "100%", "8", "#181818");        
    fo1.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery1.xml");                    
    var fo2 = new SWFObject("autoviewer.swf", "autoviewer2", "100%", "100%", "8", "#181818");        
    fo2.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery2.xml");                    
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Starting from 0

So close!  Now both sections are appearing but they pointing to the same set of pictures.  I did check the that they're pointing to different XML files and that the content is different...  Thing is that I added a number to the new set of pics.  IE "gallery", new set of pics called "gallery4".  Would that be causing the confusion?  I also cleared my history and rebooted but still same thing......  Should I change the name completely?

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If you follow my template above, it should work fine.
If you do not want to post a URL to your gallery in the forum, then you can email me a link (via my forum profile) if you like.
It would be much easier to diagnose the problem (and find a solution) if I saw your code.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Starting from 0

Not exactly sure where to contact you privately...  I'm either blind or it's been a long day.

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You currently use:

//fo2.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery4.xml");

You need to remove the leading // in order for the line of code to be parsed by the browser.
The // tells the browser that the line is a comment only.
As it stands, the browser will ignore the line and AutoViewer will look for an XML file with the default name of 'gallery.xml' which does exist and happens to be the name of the XML file for the first gallery.

Also, being that you are loading each gallery into a separate <iframe>, you need only embed one gallery in your 'index.html' page and one gallery in your 'index4.html' page.
At the moment, you have two galleries embedded on each page but only the first one in each page is being displayed because the container for the first gallery (the 'flashcontent' <div>) takes up 100% of the browser window height.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team