Topic: Frame Images, Drag-n-Drop and Spot Lighting


I haven't seen this posted anywhere so if I missed it so sorry.

Do you have the option to upload an image for the frame? I would like to simulate a picture frame surrounding the images, with the user option to change the frames via drag-and-drop from a frame gallery to the image gallery. This would be very useful for selling framed images for an online photography website. A simple 2D pic would be fine; a set of standard 3D meshes with me be able to upload additional meshes and also supply texture-sets for any mesh (standard or uploaded) would be even better.

Also, would like to know if the user can drag a picture out of the viewer onto a drop target (e.g. another flash movie or any other type of target) so that the picture can be further manipulated/examined by the user.

Also, would like to be able to simulate lighting effects, e.g. spot lighting like you might see in a real-life gallery, also specifying the quantity, direction, quality and color temperature of the lighting. Halogen spots in a real-life gallery add so much vibrance and class to a picture.

I feel these suggestions would make these excellent gallery applications you have spring to life.
They would be very helpful if they are not already implemented.


Re: Frame Images, Drag-n-Drop and Spot Lighting

Thanks for the suggestions. We will think about adding these in a future version.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.