Topic: New features localization

Hello again :)

It seems that new features, like Back Button, are not localized in German, French, etc. (as described in the languageCode option docs). I'm using Polish localization and have everything properly localized (Full screen, Open in separate window) but the Back Button is still in English.

Re: New features localization

The languageCode and languageList options apply only to tooltip text and onscreen messages.
There is no tooltip text or onscreen message associated with the Back Button so the languageCode and languageList options do not apply to the Back Button.
You can, however, change the text of the Back Button by using the backButtonText option.
See here for details: … backbutton

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: New features localization

Thanks, Steven, but IMHO I can say, there is actually onscreen message associated with Back Button. If I don't use the backButtonText option it defaults to English phrase “< Back”. It would be nice to have it moved to the rest of localizable strings, for the sake of usability/continuity.
Of course backButtonText is good enough, for now.