Topic: Win 7 won't allow write to picasa\web\templates directory

Hi. I'm trying to install the Picasa Template. I'm following the instructions listed at … truct.html but I can't move any files into the directory C:\program files (x86)\picasa2\web\templates because the folder is marked as read only. I did the obvious right-click to change this but it keeps switching back to read only. (I am the administrator.) I searched around this and found Microsoft instructions at , which seem to address the issue but they do not work either.

If I can't install the software in the proper folder, I'm kind of stuck without ever even getting to square one. How do I install this?

Re: Win 7 won't allow write to picasa\web\templates directory

As you have posted in the SimpleViewer v1 forum (rather than the SimpleViewer-Pro v1 forum), I infer that you are a non-Pro user.
As such, I should let you know that there is an updated non-Pro version of the SimpleViewer Picasa Template which uses the latest version of SimpleViewer Standard v2.1.3 and can be found here: … plate.html
Also, you may like to upgrade your Picasa installation from v2 to v3.8:

On my Windows 7 x64 PC, the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Picasa3\web\templates' folder is, indeed, marked as 'Read-only (only applies to files in folder)' but it does not prevent me from copying and pasting the 'simpleviewer_picasa_template_213' folder inside it.
Make sure you (as a user) have full permissions for the folder by (found by right-clicking the 'templates' folder, selecting 'Properties' and going to the 'Security' tab).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Win 7 won't allow write to picasa\web\templates directory


Thank you for your very clear response. I am actually using Picasa 3.8 but it puts it in a folder called Picasa 2. I'll try the recommended version of Simpleviewer and see if the security changes noted let me move the files appropriately.

I was attempting to move all of the individual files from the Simpleviewer extraction folder into the templetes folder. Perhaps moving the folder with its enclosures will work. I'll try it tonight. As noted, I am the administrator so I don't know why I wouldn't have the rights to move things, but of course, Windows always challenges me anyway and says I have to be the administrator. rrrrrr.