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Topic: PostcardViewer Pro & svManager

I just purchased PostcardViewer Pro and I am having trouble getting it to work with svManager. I updated my svManager first. Then I opened the PostcardViewer Pro zip folder and copied the .swf folder into this folder: "svmanager/plugins/postcardviewer/pvmaster/". I published my site and there was no change in the svManager. Then I tried editing the "options.as" file in dreamweaver and then copying over the viewer.swf file... still no change. When i create a new gallery, none of the options that I changed in the options.as file are taking effect. Am I missing something here?

UPDATE: I figured out the problem. Although the directions say to just switch out the viewer.swf file, you really need to change the options.as file, then publish the postcardviewer.fla file, and then switch out the viewer.swf file. A change of directions may be in order because this answer was spread out through many different support pages.  :/

Re: PostcardViewer Pro & svManager

Thanks – I'll add something to the docs to try to make it clearer.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.