Topic: Go to Flickr page text wont change


when I try to change this text in xml file text remains unchanged. I did this in gallery.xml:

        <photo imageurl="imgs/img.jpg" linkurl="" linkLabel="Read this">
            <title>Image 1</title>
            <description>This is a regular text description.</description>

regarding to instructions from this page:

but still have Flickr text on button.

What to do, do I have to change something else besides this change?

Thanks for help and effort.

Re: Go to Flickr page text wont change

The linkLabel should be set as a flashvar in the embedding code (in the HTML page into which the gallery is embedded) rather than as an attribute to the <photo> tags in the gallery's XML file.

fo.addVariable("linkLabel", "Read this");

... before the line:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team