Topic: How to change unselectedBrightness without re-edit the .FLA

Dear staff, and forum users...

I have bought the Autoviewer PRO in order to remove the download link, numbers over the pics
and remove the fade to brightness for the unselected photos! then I have read this is possible
by editing file and re-edit the .FLA

But I do not have Flash to do this edit, I was thinking there was also a way to manage
those preferences via XML or HTML in the embed code and use the SWF in the package!

Could I ask you for help in find a way? O ask someone if it could do the re-edit on his end
and resend my the new SWF?

Thank you!

Re: How to change unselectedBrightness without re-edit the .FLA

You can download a fully-functional trial version of Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 from this web page: … duct=flash
Once installed, you will then be able to publish a new customized SWF file by following these instructions: … #asoptions

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team