Topic: CPU usage of Autoview high

Fine tool your autoview, special in combination with picassa.
Made some shows ('s nieuw) with it at 800 px size.
One of our members can't play the show (IE stops with errors).
When I try to investigate things I see that at my own computer a show with approx 60 picture's takes al lot of CPU power (250.000 to 300.000 K)
I think that's the problem, is there a way to reduce this CPU consumption
(Wat is the max number of foto's at 800 px)

Re: CPU usage of Autoview high

Agree also that Autoview is a great little application but also finding that it is very CPU intensive. I have used this on several PC's and even on a higher spec machine it had some troubles loading the viewer and most times would just hang until that browser window/tab was closed down.

Firefox will actually throw me back an error to say this Flash 8 application is using lots of system resources and may have hung. This was on a gallery with 55 images at max res 640.

Any ideas on what could be causing this would be great to know...

thanks again.