Topic: scroll bar and pages

i currently have svmanager and simpleviewer pro and I am intersted with autoviewer.
can we make such a look with autoviewer pro ? : … index.html
or … ping-cart/

I mean all images have same height, a icon allows enable/disable infos, there are several pages, there is a scroll bar for fast browsing

in such galeries, sometimes we have no idea what's new and have no general view of images. can we have a mean to display all thumbs of an album ? so we could see the 200 thumbnails, choose the 174th and the slideshow starts at this page.

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Re: scroll bar and pages

I mean all images have same height

AutoViewer Pro has options enableImageDownScaling and enableImageUpScaling: … s.html#pro

a icon allows enable/disable info

No. Captions are displayed in front of the main image as soon as it is selected.

there are several pages

An AutoViewer Pro gallery is a single page. In order to have several pages, you could split your gallery up into several smaller galleries and link to each of them via HTML hyperlinks.

there is a scroll bar for fast browsing

AutoViewer Pro does not feature a scroll bar.

can we have a mean to display all thumbs of an album ?

AutoViewer Pro does not support thumbnails (unlike SimpleViewer/SimpleViewer Pro).
AutoViewer Pro does come with source code so, with Adobe Flash and a knowledge of Actionscript, you may be able to customize AutoViewer Pro and publish your own SWF file.
Please see here for details:
However, to introduce thumbnails, a scroll bar, a show/hide captions button and to support multiple galleries out-of-the-box would require a huge amount of work.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team