Topic: [Bug] Overlaping blinking pictures, strange pixels


I bought BundlePro and I uploaded pictures from svManager to TileViewerPro. The problem also is present with TileViwer.
The images overlap eachother and I see them as overlaping triangles and pictures this looks very bad

How to solve this ? I dont want to resize my pictures.

Re: [Bug] Overlaping blinking pictures, strange pixels

Your gallery looks OK on my PC.
However, from what you have described, it sounds like the maxJPGSize option (the 'Max Image Size, px' field in the svManager interface) may have been set incorrectly. It should be set to the largest dimension (width or height) of your largest image. TiltViewer uses this value to proportionately scale your images to fit.
A description of the option can be found on this page:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team