Topic: embed sv into webeasy pro 8

hi steven, thanks again for your efforts in helping me, this is last time i promise lol, I'm strugling tried some of the stuff you said to no avail, i can make it work fine leaving the files loose in the public html files, when i embed using webeasy flash player i think the script it makes needs to point to a piticular file within the html files, here is the script it generates, any ideas what i must change to point it to lets say file called "ali day"

<script type="text/javascript"><!--//
    //--></script><noscript><a href="[~simpleviewer.swf~]" target="_blank">Play</a></noscript>

I really wanna use your player as i love it, and will upgrade to pro version if i can make it work, many thanks John

Re: embed sv into webeasy pro 8

In order for SimpleViewer to feature the Mobile Player (for mobile devices and browsers that do not have Adobe Flash Player installed or activated), the embedding code found here must be used: … html#embed
It is not enough to simply embed the SWF file, which is what the weAddFlash function is trying to do.

I am not familiar with WebEasy Pro but rather than trying to embed a SWF file (using WebEasy Pro's 'Embed Flash' functionality), try to simply copy and paste the required embedding code into your page as raw HTML.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team