Topic: exit/close button?

I have managed to successfully install auto viewer on to my site, but i have noticed that there is no way to exit/close the gallery once it has opened. You have to go all the way back to the beginning and click on one of the links at the top.
Is there a way for if a user clicks outside the image area that it closes, or have an close button?

the site in question can be found here, under the gallery section

BTW, i am still coding the rest of the site, just stuck on the auto viewer right now.

Re: exit/close button?

AutoViewer Pro does not feature such a button (like SimpleViewer's Back Button) whereby the user will be taken to a specific web page (such as back to your standard home page) when it is clicked.
Other than coding such a button elsewhere on your page, AutoViewer Pro does come with source code so, with Adobe Flash and a knowledge of ActionScript, you may be able to modify the code and publish a new SWF file that includes such a feature.
Please see here for details on 'Customizing Source Code' :

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team