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Topic: Flickr Pictures not loading..

Hi Guys,

Just uploaded to www.slawitink.com/test/web/

When you try to view it loads find but no images appear to be called from flickr. I have checked the flickr images are set to public and have tried including and omitting the @yahoo.com in the ID field and commenting out the XML options etc, but i just cant see why its not working,

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance


Edit:  SOLVED!

I realised that i was using the Login id and not the flickr ID... I didnt know where to find the Flickr ID within their website, and so i googled and was presented with a Tool for finding it out.. Excellent!

Have to say this is the easiest set up on any gallery i have ever used (and i have used a LOT) Love it! Thanks! :D

Re: Flickr Pictures not loading..

I'm glad you have solved your problem. Thank you for posting back to let us know.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team