Topic: E-Commerce

Good morning,

Is it possible to intergrate Pay Pal, Google Checkout or E-Commenrce as a whole into SV.

I am trying to create a website through DW CS5 and once established was hoping to sell images.

Has anyone got a website where they currently use SV and e-commerce that I could view.


Re: E-Commerce

You could use HTML formatting for your captions to include a PayPal button linking to a unique PayPal payment page.
Please see here for details: … l#custom_1
A sample caption might look something like this:

<caption><![CDATA[Image caption goes here<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="PayPal_mark_50x34.gif" width="50" height="33" hspace="0" alt="paypal" /></a>]]></caption>

Using the code above, you would need to include the PayPal image and replace the URL with your own unique PayPal payment page address.
Please be aware that links in captions will not work locally and will work only when the gallery is uploaded to a web server.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team