Topic: PreSales ? // Removing Middle Nav Button

I'd like to replace the static image on my site's homepage with AutoViewer.

The middle nav arrow/button conflicts with the design I'd like to remove it. My Flash level is advanced basic. I do have MX and some experience but not with high level AS.

I don't want to just edit the symbol and make it black as the action would remain and be to close to the buttons used in site navigation.

Possible. Easy enough?

Thank you. Erik

Re: PreSales ? // Removing Middle Nav Button

This is an easy change. Set the enablePlayButton option to false in the file and publish your SWF.

Publishing AutoViewer-Pro requires the Macromedia Flash 8 authoring software. A free, fully functioning 30-day trial of Flash 8 can be downloaded here:

Check here for all Autoviewer options: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.