Topic: Alternative to GD imaging

After working on the clients site for hours, I had the error that the GD imaging has to be upgraded by the server. The server said they can not do that. So my thumbnails are not showing. Is there another way of handling this since I can not change the hosting server.

Re: Alternative to GD imaging

That sux. You could put your thumbs or all of SV on another server.


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

Re: Alternative to GD imaging

i think im having the same problem. after i upload the images and build the gallery i get this message:

"Note: The GD imaging library was not found on this Server. Thumbnails will not be created. Please contact your web server administrator.

Note: The GD imaging library is version 0 on this server. Thumbnails will be reduced quality. Please contact your web server administrator to upgrade GD version to 2.0.1 or later."

I changed the useCopyResized to true; but that didn't do anything different. what should i do?