Topic: "Embedding" Gallery unto a Blogger page

I've tried taking the html for a created gallery and simply cutting and pasting into a blogger page on a blogger account. Obviously, it does not work. And you might guess, I'm not that swift with embedding into a domain.

I have a domain name and server, just not sure what information they require to make the gallery live. My domain web site is actually a blogger account. So twofold please:

Is there a FAQ which explains how to make a gallery live? What I need to do to make the html and/or the link work?

Is there a way to simply paste the html created for a gallery unto a blogger page?



Re: "Embedding" Gallery unto a Blogger page

In order for a gallery to work correctly, you will need to upload all the required gallery files to your web space (possibly with an FTP client such as Filezilla or by using your web hosts's online Control Panel). Your web host should be able to help you with this (or at least tell you if it is possible with your blogger account).
Once the files are in place, you can either view the gallery directly (by opening the gallery's 'index.html' page in a browser) or embed the gallery into an existing page using one of the two embedding methods described here: … l#external

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team