Topic: Gallery XML not found


I see this in the FAQ but I do not completely understand the answer. 

I am using WordPress w/the StudioPress Genesis framework.

Trying to create a gallery for Flickr set.  SvBuilder creates the gallery (looks beautiful!) but when I copy and post the code I get a big black box with the message, "Gallery XML not found".

Can you tell me exactly what I need to do to correct this.  I love SimpleViewer and I really need this to work with Flickr.

Thank you!

Re: Gallery XML not found

'Gallery XML Not Found' (as described in this FAQ), is displayed when the gallery's XML file cannot be found.
By default, SimpleViewer will look for a file named 'gallery.xml' in the same folder as the HTML page into which the gallery is embedded.
Otherwise, you can specify the path to an XML file (if you have renamed or moved the XML file) using the galleryURL Flashvar Option in your embedding code as documented here: … .html#html
If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your gallery so that we can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team